Lakewood Ranch café baking up house-made sourdough delights

A Bay Area coffee and bread shop is introducing customers to tasty new farm-to-table breakfast and lunch delights.

The owners – Jim and Weyli Angus – opened Atria Café in Lakewood Ranch just last year, but they already have a local following. 

They make all of their bread and pastries in-house with Atria's very own sourdough starter.

"That’s something you can’t get anywhere around here," Jim explained.

Diners enjoy the unique flavors and textures of Atria's baked goods while sitting under a large glass atrium. They also get an up-close view of the baking process in the kitchen.

"A lot of times you go out to eat and a lot of things are hidden. What we really wanted to do is put it at the forefront," said Weyli. 

Atria’s two core types of bread are The Rustic, a classic sourdough bread loaf, and Hokkaido milk bread, which has a soft, fluffy texture.

"It’s almost like Wonder Bread but way better and way better for you," said Jim. 

Both are offered every day they are open. 

The café offers 12 standard pastries Tuesday through Sunday and an additional 4-5 specialty pastries on the weekend. The menu changes seasonally. 

Atria Café is located at 4120 Lakewood Ranch Blvd. in Lakewood Ranch. Visit for more information.