Line stretches around the block as Wendy's returns to UK

Brittons can satisfy their hunger with Wendy’s for the first time in two decades.

Wendy’s, the American restaurant chain that pulled out of the United Kingdom in 2001, opened its first location in Reading on June 2. 

According to the BBC, Wendy’s left the UK complaining of the country’s high operating costs. But now it’s back, looking to expand in a market that appears eager to eat there.

Lines stretched around the block on June 5 as hungry customers waited to place an order.

"Our vision is to become the world’s most thriving and beloved restaurant brand, and we’re well on our way," said Abigail Pringle, international president and chief development officer for Wendy’s. "Our restaurant opening in Reading is very exciting for Wendy’s as it marks the official launch of the brand in the UK and across Europe."

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Pringle said Wendy’s has plans to open four more restaurants in the UK in the second half of 2021, giving residents of Stratford in East London and Oxford access to Wendy’s menu.

British customers will find signature items from the US menu, like the Baconator, Dave’s Single and the Frosty. But they’ll have exclusive access to new products like the Veggie Stack, Veggie Bites and Avacado Veggie Salad.

"We know British consumers are craving great tasting food at an affordable price and that’s what we’re here to give them," said Liz Geraghty, the international chief marketing officer. "We’re very proud to serve hamburgers using fresh, British beef patties topped with fresh British produce."

"We use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and all menu items are made to order and can be customised. Our salads are prepared fresh daily and our sandwiches are served hot off the grill - something different to the competition."

This story was reported from Atlanta.