Local biker starts "Second Chance Rides", gives away free preowned bikes

Todd Baroni is an active guy, and he wants others to enjoy the benefits of being active too. For Baroni, biking is part of his lifestyle. 

"I love to ride. It's like a way of life. I've enjoyed it since eight years old," said Baroni. "Two weeks ago, my wife and I, we went riding. I put 100 miles on in one week. We rode Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday."

Baroni can't remember a time when he wasn't on two wheels. 

He's been riding with fellow bikers for years.

"We all get together on assorted bikes, and we all go riding. We could ride downtown St Pete, we head toward Clearwater Beach. Sometimes we go up the Philippi Park area, right up toward the Oldsmar area, and we just all like to ride," he said. 

Baroni wants others to enjoy the gift of riding too, so he's providing free bikes for people who can't afford one. He calls his effort "Second Chance Rides."

"People have their bikes lying around the house. They don't want them anymore. They outgrew them. They're rusted. They're falling apart. Well, I'm giving the bike a second chance to go to another home to somebody that wants to go ride," he explained. 

With bikes being so expensive, parents like Nicole McCallen appreciate his effort.

"I think that he is amazing. I think it's a great thing for the community, and it's great to see all these kids and adults getting on bikes," McCallen said. 

Baroni's goal is to help the community live an active lifestyle. 

"There's too many sitting around doing nothing nowadays when I can give them a second chance on a bike to get out and go enjoy themselves and have exercise all at the same time," shared Baroni.

 Baroni gets bikes in different stages of repair from the community. He fixes them and gives them away for free.

If you have a bike that you would like to donate are you need a bike visit: www.facebook.com.