LPGA Pelican Women’s Championship underway at Belair golf club  

The old saying may be, “golf is a gentleman’s sport,” but the Pelican Golf Club says you better not forget about women, in fact, they’ve made it their business model. 

“The Doyle family who owns the Pelican Golf Club really supports women’s golf,” said Scott Reid a spokesman for the event.  

This is why the club worked so hard to bring an LPGA event here.  

“To have a women’s event here, that makes me so proud,” said LPGA fan and club member Joy Gills. 

This hasn’t been the best year for major golf events in the region the Valspar Championship was canceled in the spring, and COVID-19 meant very limited tickets.  

“I think it adds to the intimacy of the event and you can really watch the players and not get caught up in the crowds,” Hills said.  
The Pelican Women's Championship runs through Sunday. 


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