Man faces long recovery after ex allegedly ran him over on I-4

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A Bay Area man remains in critical condition after his allegedly drunk ex-girlfriend slammed into him with her truck and ran him over on the side of Interstate 4, deputies say.

Loved ones say Tommy Barrett has been touch and go since the horrific crash last week. He's in critical condition at Tampa General Hospital, hooked up to tubes and machines in the intensive care unit.

"He's unrecognizable,” said Tommy’s mother, Lisa Barrett. “He's very sick, he's had multiple surgeries, he's gonna need multiple more surgeries."

The 47-year-old's family traveled from out of state to be by his side. They say Tommy has severe head trauma, broken and shattered bones, and needed a blood transfusion. It's difficult for them to see Tommy like this.

"He's always been a really strong, physical guy, you know, and to see him in the condition he's in now is really hurtful because he’s helpless," Tommy’s younger brother Kenny Barrett, Jr. said.

Last Thursday, Tommy was riding in his ex-girlfriend's truck on I-4 when they got into a fight. 

Investigators with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office say 38-year-old Alicia Belcher pulled over and Tommy got out. He was walking on the right shoulder of the highway when they say Belcher crossed three lanes of traffic and slammed into him with her pick-up truck, investigators say.

People called for help while Belcher took off. One eyewitness following her until deputies could track her down.

Tommy’s loved ones are so grateful for that good Samaritan.

"If it hadn't been for the good people who saw it and followed her, he would have probably been on the side of the road dead, no doubt," said Tommy’s father, Kenneth Barrett, Sr.

Arrest paperwork says Belcher told deputies "I am sorry, I hit him, I am drunk." 

According to officials, her blood alcohol content was nearly three times the legal limit.

The Plant City woman bonded out of jail this weekend. She faces four charges for the violent attack including aggravated battery, leaving the scene of a crash, and DUI.

"I want justice because that’s wrong what she did," Lisa said.    

"It's really hard to see and deal with the fact that she’s breathing free air right now while he's fighting for his life,” said Kenny.                                     

Tommy is a father and grandfather and works in construction. His family is now raising money online to help pay for Tommy's mounting medical bills, knowing he has a long road to recovery ahead.