Man in suit paddleboards across Hudson River

The trip to or from work is rarely the best part of anyone's day, but some New Yorkers taking a ferry across the Hudson River had a delightfully rare morning commute.

Eunice Rivers posted a video on Facebook showing a man - wearing a suit and tie and carrying an over-the-shoulder briefcase - paddleboarding across the river June 21.

"Live right now on my way to work. I Eunice Rivers just saw this man in the Hudson River on a surf/paddleboard, in a suit, rowing to work. Hilarious!" the video's caption read.

Inside Edition identified the man as Scott Holt, who said he decided to paddleboard to save money.

Holt told Inside Edition he was on his way to an interview, and he made it on time. He said, surprisingly, it only took about 30 minutes to paddleboard across the river.