Manatee County pet rescue takes in 40 dogs from hoarding situation: ‘They're literally dripping in dreadlocks'

At least 40 dogs will be rescued from a hoarding situation in South Florida, and a Manatee County animal rescue is working to bring them to the area to give them a new start. 

"The dogs have nails that are curled around. They’re literally dripping in dreadlocks. It’s terrible. They are the worst of the worst, "said Shona Otto, the president of Underdog Rescue of Florida. 

Underdog Rescue of Florida said it needs help on its mission to provide for the dogs. The animal rescue said it'll be in need of fostering, donations, supplies and eventually finding them forever homes. 

"You can’t even bathe a dog like this, because it’s nothing but chunks of feces encrusted and urine encrusted hair," said Otto. 

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Many of the small dogs found and removed from the hoarding situation in a South Florida home had severely matted fur. Otto said while they are receiving a lot of applications for fosters, they will need immediate help to get these dogs in good enough condition to go into foster homes. 

"We do work with several vets, but this is a lot for them to take on at one time, and if we could have a mobile vet and mobile groomers on hand that are willing to handle this on Wednesday and Thursday, so we can get all of these dogs dispersed to their foster homes already, with their basic vetting care taken care of and basic grooming that would be an ideal situation," Otto said. 

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With the help of Honor Animal Rescue, the dogs should be in Manatee County by Wednesday afternoon. Officials are hoping to get the grooming done right after they arrive and have vets on hand to check them out. 

"We understand that people are really busy during the holidays and that this is a lot to take on and ask of people, but this is really what the holidays are about. It’s about doing something good and this is something really good," said Otto. 

The group is also looking for supplies like medium-sized crates, puppy pads and supplies. If you would like to help Underdog Rescue of Florida, contact them through their message line at (941) 746-9663 or email