Marine fulfills dream of competing at 2019 Warrior Games

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As the Warrior Games come to an end, one warrior fufilled her dream by competing in multiple events this week. A part of the Wounded Warriors for three years, Lance Corporal Annika Hutsler made her first appearance at the Warrior Games this week in Tampa. 

"This has been my dream since I got into Wounded Warriors. This is something that I have been looking forward to," said Hutsler. "It's a sense of resiliency that keeps me going every day."

Hutsler joined the Wounded Warriors after a medical exam showed a serious stress fracture in her right leg. Her fracture ultimately led to the amputation of her leg in April. Five weeks later, Hutsler was training for the Warrior Games.

"I didn't really play sports growing up, I did ballet my whole life. So this is a completely different element for me," she says.

This year, Hutsler competed in recurve archery, rugby, track, and swimming. 

She even got the chance to meet country singer Hunter Hayes, who signed her prosthetic leg.

"We're all here for one common goal," she says. Hutsler has used the games as a way to remind her to have fun and to never give up.   

The Wounded Warrior Games are scheduled to conclude Sunday.

LINK: for more information, visit the Warrior Games website.