MCSO: Man accused of threatening to kill pregnant girlfriend dies in crash while fleeing from deputies

A man suspected of choking his pregnant girlfriend and threatening to kill her and her son died Friday night while fleeing from deputies, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say they were called to a home on the 6400 block of Prospect Road shortly before midnight on New Year’s Day regarding a domestic battery in progress.

According to MCSO, Amir Keita Stevens, 30, choked the victim, causing her to struggle for air, battered her while being three months pregnant, yanked her cell phone from her hand as she attempted to call her mother, dragged her through the kitchen, and threatened to kill her and her son with a gun.

The victim fled to a neighbor’s house, but her child was at the suspect’s home. Several deputies met the victim at the neighbor’s home, while additional deputies went to the suspect’s home. 

As deputies were approaching the Stevens' house, they said they saw him trying to leave in a car. Deputies in the driveway said they ordered him to stop, but he did not comply and he fled at a high rate of speed, forcing the deputies to move out of the way to avoid being struck by the suspect's car.

According to MCSO, a deputy who was with the victim at the neighbor's house heard the suspect fleeing and other deputies giving commands. That deputy got into his patrol car and pulled out onto Prospect Road, where the suspect fled. The deputy tried to pursue him, but could only close the gap to several hundred yards.

According to MCSO, the Stevens fled south on Prospect to Whitfield Ave, then west towards US 301 where he lost control of his vehicle, ran off the road, struck an MCAT bus stop, a power pole, and two trees. His car came to rest, and deputies pronounced him dead on arrival. 

The one-year-old child was found in the suspect’s house alone and unharmed.

The incident is under investigation. 

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