Mom warns parents about dangers of social media app

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A local mom wants to warn parents about what she says happened to her child while on the social media app 

"I just got really scared and I didn't know what to do so I just told my mom," said 11-year old Jasmine Nia.

She uses the social media app to make goofy videos and lip sync.  Her account is private but the messages she received after accepting a follow request from someone she thought was a boy she knew has her wanting to log off for good.

"I think I shouldn't be on and all that. I think I should just not be on social media," she said. 

Jasmine’s mom Lisa says her daughter told her last week about the sexually explicit messages including requests for nude pictures and threats to rape her.

"She's been so nervous to tell me and she is scared to say the things he said but I said it's important for you to let me know so we can help you and help others," said Lisa who sent an in-app message about what happened and says tonight she contacted the FBI.  She's angry and concerned about the affect it's having on her little girl.

"That doesn't go away after. That sticks in their heads and a part of their innocence is gone and it's not OK for someone to say that to anyone in this world ever."

Lisa says she wants the person doing this stopped and she fears her daughter isn't the only victim.

The minimum age to be on is 13.

"It doesn't really matter what age they are. What matters is these predators coming to them. It's not the kids fault or their age. It's the people that are coming after them," said Lisa.

A spokesperson for says they will review the complaint but points to a slew of resources on the site about online child safety and a link for parents who have kids using

They say they can’t search out info on users but they will cooperate should law enforcement become involved in any incident.