Months later, women successfully build new careers

When we first met Candra Mack-Granville, she was learning the basics of tools and how to use them.  Now, months after graduating from the Women Building Futures construction class, the realtor is using her new skills to help a homeowner rehab his rental house.

"I helped with a little drywall repair, some painting," she said.

The homeowner, Staley Bryant, is grateful for her new experience.

"She's making sure I'm up to code, making sure I'm doing things the right way," he said.

Another graduate of the program, Christine Ferry, added hands-on construction worker to her management skills. It's given her more than just a job.

"Credibility, having a national certification on my resume and having the confidence to take care of the details in construction," she said.

"Seven or eight women got jobs, so that's a pretty good number," said project coordinator Kimberly Kitchen.

They are building a brighter future with the most powerful tool, knowledge.

"It's given me the confidence to move forward and get my general contractor license," added Candra.

LINK: For information on the Women Building Futures program at the Helen Gordon Davis Centre For Women in Tampa, visit