Mothers of men killed by Steven Lorenzo agreed on 'eye for an eye justice' during victim impact testimony

Pam Williams has waited a long time to confront the man who confessed to killing her son, Jason Galehouse. Her fight for justice did not waiver in the face of a breast cancer battle. Despite 20 years of legal wrangling, she stayed the course. 

Tuesday, she unleashed two decades of fury on Steven Lorenzo. Williams finally was allowed to face the man who took her son and tell him what the loss did to her mind, her body, and her life.

"I can tell you right now I am sick to my stomach just having to look at your disgusting face!" Williams yelled at Lorenzo, who sneered back. 

"That’s right, make a face, you creep!"

Pam Williams tells courtroom she wants Steven Lorenzo to die for killing he son Jason Galehouse 20 years ago

Jason Galehouse was killed in 2003. Since then, Williams has watched Lorenzo play games with the justice system, with one delay after the next.

But now, Lorenzo has pleaded guilty to the murders of Galehouse and Michael Waccholtz and staring at a possible death sentence.

During the second day of the penalty hearing, Williams told the judge that she wants Lorenzo to die for his crimes.

"You should be dead already, as far as I'm concerned. You put me through hell! And my health. I've got stage four breast cancer.  I'm not saying that you caused all of it, but you caused plenty of it with emotional strain," Williams said.

Lorenzo recently confessed in writing to targeted gay men and planned to kidnap them to use them as sex slaves. His criminal partner and co-defendant Scott Schweickert is already in jail for related crimes.

The two drugged, tortured, and murdered Galehouse and Waccholtz, and disposed of their bodies.

Galehouse was dismembered. His body has never been recovered.

Schweickert testified Monday how they got rid of the remains.

"We get into his vehicle and start driving around the city looking for dumpsters. First place he stops is a little white church, like a little schoolhouse, and I said, 'I'm not dropping a body part in a church's dumpster I'm not doing that,'" recalled Schweickert.

Williams is still haunted by that fact. 

"You pulled away and you laughed about it. Laughed! What the hell is wrong with you?" she yelled at Lorenzo. "You are a sick person and I wish to God someone would cut you up in pieces cause that is what you deserve."

Before Williams gave her victim statement on the stand, Waccholtz' mother did the same. 

Ruth Waccholtz required help walking to the witness box, but did not need any help remembering her son. She said Michael was a fun-loving person who is sorely missed.

Waccholtz called Lorenzo a snake and wanted, "eye for an eye justice."

She went on to ask the judge to impose the ultimate punishment for Lorenzo.

Ruth Waccholtz told the courtroom she misses her son and wants 'eye for an eye justice' for her son.

"For 20 years he lived, and Michael hasn't. At taxpayers’ expense no less, it’s time to end this," urged Waccholtz.

Tampa judge Christopher Sabella will hand down his ruling on February 24, the day of Lorenzo's formal sentencing.