MTV's 'Floribama Shore' begins filming season 3 in Pinellas County

Filming is now underway in St. Pete Beach for the MTV reality series "Floribama Shore." The show, from the creators of "Jersey Shore," focuses on the lives of 20-somethings and their relationships as they live out their summer on the beach.

The cast of eight people, ages 23 to 26, kicked off filming this week for season 3 of the MTV reality series. Their primary filming location is a waterfront home on Punta Vista Drive, where the front yard is decked out with more than two dozen lights attached to tall poles. Over 50 of the show's crew members are staying in local hotels, while some are living in the home next door.

"Granted, there’s an economic impact with the crew coming here and staying for six to eight weeks, but the other part of that is it’s an MTV-type set-up and we’re concerned because we’re family beach town here,” St. Pete Beach Mayor Alan Johnson said.

Despite some initial hesitation, Johnson said he was sold on the project after show's executives gave a presentation at a city council meeting last month.

“It sounded like spring break to me, but past that, it’s about relationships and people reconnecting over the summer,” Johnson said.

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Beside the city itself, local businesses are also getting national attention, especially bars like The Toasted Monkey. They are one of several already signing a media release with MTV, allowing the cast to film inside.

“We're excited to have any national coverage for the beach area," Toasted Monkey owner Matthew Vario said. "I think it’s going to be a good thing. I’m not too familiar with the show so I don’t know if there’s any negative connotation with it, but we are happy to host them here.”

Both Varion and Johnson said they hope the show focuses less on debauchery and more on the destination, ultimately hoping it drives tourists to the beach.

FOX 13 reached out to MTV for comment, but they chose not to comment on this story.

The show is set to premiere in November on MTV.