Multimedia studio invites new generation to enjoy the library system

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In honor of library week, FOX 13 News is highlighting a library offering services to encourage a new generation to enjoy the library system.

One day, when Damian Mathis walked into the SouthShore Regional Library in Hillsborough County, he saw something that he thought he would never see: A recording and multimedia studio.

He discovered a video and music recording studio, complete with a camera, a computer with editing software, and recording equipment.

Librarian Hope Hang said, "this is a really great resource that's free for the community that they can all benefit from."

The studio is part of a new initiative to change the perceptions about libraries.

"It's a totally different place," said library administrator Frank Collia. "We are more welcoming now. We definitely don't shush anybody. We want people to come in, we want them to enjoy themselves."

The recording studio project started four years ago to fill a community need.

"We found quite a few people that come in and get started here and then feel more confident in getting their own equipment, starting their own studio," explained Librarian Sydney Grogan.

The new approach brings excitement to the library experience.

"I spend a lot more of my family time here than at home cause there is so much to do and see," said Damian. "They have different events for the kids and for adults so its a great place in the community."