Multiple cats shot in Town 'N' Country mobile home community in the last year and a half, rescue group says

A local rescue group said seven cats in a Town ‘N' Country neighborhood have been shot with a pellet gun in the last year and a half. Of those that were shot, three ended up dead. 

"What kind of person does this to an animal?" asked Kathryn Barnes, who looks after the strays in the Three Lakes Mobile Home Park. 

She named one cat "Buddy," who has a broken front leg, and might have to have a back leg amputated, after being shot earlier this month. 

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"He was shot several times," said Barnes. "This cat is just so sweet and loving."

Barnes said after the most recent shooting, they confronted a suspected neighbor. But so far deputies have not made any arrests.

"It breaks my heart. I want to cry, but I can't cry anymore, but there is no point," Barnes said. "It's senseless to even think that with so many cats being hurt, it has become a blur of cats that have died or are injured."

Volunteers at the St. Francis Society Rescue share that concern. They have organized fundraisers and vet visits for the wounded cats, and they have also reported several of the shootings to law enforcement.

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"These poor cats," said St. Francis  Society volunteer Jennifer Tate. "They didn't ask to be born. They are just living their life. Somebody is taking pleasure out of torturing them."

The Three Lakes Mobile Home Park is the only home many of them have known. There may be several hundred feral cats living in the community, and Barnes said none of them deserve to be preyed on.

"I am angry and upset. I don't understand how people can do this," Barnes said.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said they are aware of the reports, but have thus far not been able to pin down a suspect or confirm the cats were shot.

The case is considered open, and deputies are hoping more come forward with evidence. 

The Three Lakes Mobile Home Park said they are aware of the incidents and are working with deputies and animal rescues to find the shooter.