Murder suspect found incompetent 20 years after alleged crime

Preston Clarke is back in a Tampa courtroom but it may not be for long.

The accused murderer has been found incompetent 10 times and now a new doctor has concluded the same thing.

Clarke is accused of killing girlfriend Linda Faye Hollins 20 years ago, in March of 1998.

Her sister says Linda moved from Louisiana to Tampa to escape violence in the community and keep her three kids safe.

However, Hollins' family has yet to see justice in her violent death.

Clarke has been in and out of state hospitals for years.

He recently told the Tampa Bay Times he's on a lot of medication.

"When I stop taking it, I see a lot of stuff that isn’t right," Clarke said.

He denied having anything to do with Hollins' murder and questioned whether it actually happened.

"I don't think she's dead or nothing. I think she fled back to where she came from," explained Clarke.

Back in a Tampa courtroom Thursday, a judge ordered a second doctor to examine Clarke.

If that doctor comes to the same conclusion as the nearly dozen others, the legal cycle will continue with no end in sight.