National Dog Mom's Day: Celebrate with these free, dog-centric movies, documentaries on Tubi

Dogs are basically very hairy children and dog moms take their parenting jobs very seriously - as they should.

Dogs are a man’s and woman’s best friends, so it only makes sense to celebrate the dog moms who dedicate their time and lives to ensure a happy existence for their canine companions. 

Celebrate National Dog Mom's Day on May 8 with a number of free movies and documentaries showcasing the adorable antics of those loveable fur babies who are just as much a part of our families as their human counterparts.

Dog mom1

FILE - An owner kisses her dog during a charity run.

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Dog Film Festival (Vol. 1-7) (2020): Starring Jacob Frey and Penelope Laurence.
"Join us for the first Dog Film Festival, taking us on various canine adventures while showing different ways people love and live with their dogs."

Dog Park (2017): Starring Jade Jenise Dixon and Tennyson Shanahan.
"A newly-eligible bachelor takes advantage of the opportunity to meet desirable women at the dog park, but no one knows the dog he’s walking isn’t his."

Dog by Dog (2015): Starring Wayne Pacelle, Dick Durbin, Bill Smith, Bob Baker and Eugene DePasquale.
"This documentary exposes the brutal realities of puppy mills, following the money trail across the U.S. to those protecting the unregulated system."

All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989): Starring Burt Reynolds, Dom Deluise, Judith Barsi and Loni Anderson.
"After being betrayed by his partner in crime, a dog cons his way out of Heaven to get revenge, teaming up with an orphan who can talk to animals."

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All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 (1996): Starring Charlie Sheen, Dom DeLuise and Sheena Easton.
"Charlie and Itchy travel from heaven to Earth, where they meet a runaway boy while on their mission to retrieve the Angel Gabriel's stolen horn."

A Dog’s Life (2015): Starring Dan B. and Tamara, Messy and Buck, Denis and Charlie Brown.
"A documentary delving into the reality of life on the streets with a pet through various characteristics we share with dogs."

My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story (2009): Starring Glenn Close, Richard Gere and Edie Falco.
"Glenn Close, Richard Gere, Edie Falco and other stars celebrate the bonds they share with their canine companions in this uplifting documentary about our furry best friends."

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