Neighbors grab dinner after Lakeland train crash sends food flying

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A train collided with a semi-truck in Lakeland, splitting the trailer into two and leaving an aroma of bacon in the area.

Wednesday morning, the semi stalled on the train tracks on Ingram Avenue, just north of Main Street. The truck driver got out and unsuccessfully attempted to contact CSX to warn them of the dilemma and possibly slow down or stop a train.

The crash left behind scattered boxes of frozen food, among them meats such as beef and seafood. Both halves of the semi have since been removed. Now, officials are attempting to clean up the mess.

The company, Colorado Meat and Seafood Company, said they no longer wanted the food. CSX employees began cleaning up and tossing packages into a nearby dumpster, and while that was happening, groups of people began showing up to retrieve the food for themselves.

"People are hungry," said Jessie Woulard. "Some people are so hungry they'll wash it off. Everybody needs something. It's Christmas."

Authorities allowed it for at least an hour, before CSX employees said the area needed to be cleared in order to reopen the train tracks. 

Lakeland police responded to the crash and providing traffic control, which fortunately, is not a heavily-traveled road, they said.  Police still say to avoid the area. 

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