New Pulse exhibit open at Orange County Regional History Center

It's been five years since the shooting at Orlando's Pulse Nightclub claimed 49 lives.

"I can't believe it," said visitor Patty Grant. "You know, between the pandemic and everything, it just seems like so long ago."

To help mark the five-year anniversary of the deadly attack, the Orange County Regional History Center is hosting a special exhibit titled "Community: Five Years After the Pulse Tragedy."

"This exhibition really focuses on the idea of community, the communities that existed before the shooting happened who went to Pulse. What was that community? And afterward, how did that community change and grow geographically and demographically?" said Pam Schwartz, the Orange County Regional History Center's executive director.

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Inside the exhibit, visitors will see artifacts and testimonials from the days before the tragedy, mementos and tributes that poured in from around the world. They will also learn about how things changed after the shooting. 

"It's a beautiful exhibition in that you get to see so much from all over the place and what that outpouring was," Schwartz said.

Along with physical mementos of the tragedy, there are also interactive screens that let you learn more about the survivors, victims and their families. 

"You can actually click the photo to listen them talk," Schwartz said.


Grant said it shows how things really changed in Orlando, after the shooting. 

"I think it really made people see the people who were killed as individuals and a community that we should support."

The exhibit runs through August 15. It's free from June 5 through June 13.

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