New Sistine Chapel exhibit opens this week at Westshore Mall in Tampa

A new exhibit opening this week at the Westshore Mall in Tampa will transport viewers to the Sistine Chapel.

Crews were busy Wednesday putting final touches on the experience that is set to open Friday inside the Westshore Mall. It will feature 34 life-sized frescos printed in high resolution. 

Tobias Lerman Matonte, associate producer for See Global Entertainment, said the exhibit will bring you much closer instead of having the paintings 60 feet in the air and only 20 minutes to see it. 

"It is not just about coming here and appreciating the art, it’s also about coming here and learning something you wouldn’t have learned otherwise," he said. 

Like the fact that Michelangelo didn't even want to do the project in the first place and yet ended up creating masterpieces still talked about centuries later. 

"When you're going there, you're going to say you did it," he said. "Here you’re going to take a deep dive in the art be not only impressed but learn what went into it as well," he added. 

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