Newborn only stops crying when watching Dallas Cowboys

Parents try just about anything to keep their newborn baby calm. But one couple in Fort Worth is finding their daughter only tolerates one thing: the Dallas Cowboys.

After two heart surgeries, it's not surprising that 3-month-old Lola Catron cries a lot. But it isn't the colorful, playful toys that calm her down. And those happy, active kid shows just won't cut it either. But the moment Dak, Zeke and Dez hit the field, Lola is happy.

“So we have been watching football for the past four days,” explained Lola’s mom, Laura. “Much like parents feel with Frozen, that's how I am with Cowboys games right now."

Since then, Laura Catron has taken numerous videos showing the phenomenon. So whether it's a laptop or a cell phone, even the same game over and over, it always calms Lola down. The first time it happened, Mom embraced it reluctantly.

"Trust me, I would rather her watch my team,” Laura said, who is a Broncos fan. “And I put the Steelers on, and she started crying. I put Cleveland on, and she started crying."

But when the Cowboys are on, it’s a different story.

"It's literally instantaneous,” said her father, Bryan Catron. “She just stops and watches the TV. And I'm like, ‘All right, I'm in with the Cowboys.’"

"I'm sure there's other explanations for it,” Laura said. “But for right now, it keeps her happy and calm during a really stressful situation. And so I'm gonna let down my ties and support the Cowboys as they keep my daughter calm."

"I don't know if it's the whistles that does it, but something does it so that's pretty awesome,” Bryan said.

Lola has a congenital heart defect. A Cook Children's Hospital room has been her home since she was born. It's been grueling for her parents so moments when she's happy are cherished.

"We're smiling because if you don't smile, you can get into a dark place very quickly,” Laura said. “And so I'm happy that if the Cowboys make my daughter happy, it'll make me happy."

"She was born in October so it's right there when the winning season started happening,” said Bryan. “So maybe she's their good luck charm is what I'm thinking.”