Officials: Zika found in South Beach; spraying not practical

The Centers for Disease Control is insisting that pregnant women not go to Miami-Dade County.

The warning comes as Governor Rick Scott says there is a 1.5 mile stretch of Miami Beach that appears to be ground zero for transmission. So far, five people have gotten Zika from mosquitoes in south Florida.

"If I had known, I might not have gone to Key Largo," said traveler Jacqueline Repici.

Gov. Rick Scott held a press conference Friday morning, saying the state is testing thousands of patients. He says three residents of Miami Beach, and two tourists, represent a new cluster of cases in Miami Beach.

"We have two very small areas in Miami Dade County where we believe local transmissions are occurring," the governor said.

Still, the CDC's insistence that pregnant women avoid Miami was heard loudly at Visit Tampa Bay, which this year is seeing record tourism numbers.

"It is a little scary," said Patrick Harrison, the vice president of marketing for Visit Tampa Bay. "You wonder if they are being prudent or if sometimes they are scaring some of the audiences away."

Yet, they say the number of cases in Hillsborough County - 14, all brought in from the outside - do not signify imminent danger. They want visitors to be prudent when it comes to bug protection. They are also thankful the CDC is issuing warnings for localized areas of higher danger, unlike some others. 

"The fact that the UK and France have already put our Florida-wide travel advisories is definitely not good," said Harrison.

Right now, the state says 488 have brought Zika to Florida, while 36 have gotten it here. Visit Tampa Bay says they do not expect a short-term impact, but worry about the long-term if transmissions are reported beyond Miami Beach. The threat is having an impact on those who live here, like Danielle Gillespie, who is considering more children.

"I wouldn't (get pregnant) down here until that isn't a concern anymore."

68 pregnant women in Florida have gotten Zika after traveling elsewhere.

Visit Tampa Bay says they have not seen any discernible change in numbers of visitors.