Our Aim Foundation: Saving lives and creating opportunity

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Nisha Mandani and her group of doctors are changing the lives of children in impoverished countries.

“We were always taught how to help people in need,” she said. 

11 years ago, Nisha founded the Our Aim Foundation to help ease poverty and eliminate abuse around the world.  

“When you are blessed, it becomes your obligation and your duty to be a blessing to others,” added Mandani. 

Over a million people living in five countries have benefited from the medical care the doctors have provided. 

“It’s very heartwarming to see them get better and to express their gratitude for what we do for them. It’s very rewarding,” said Dr. Amir Noorani, a medical volunteer for the organization. 

They built a community center for villagers in Malawi, Africa that features amenities such as a medical clinic, a pharmacy, a skill development center and sports fields.

“For these 72 villages, it has become their 24/7 Disneyland with no fees and no charge,” said Mandani. 

They have built more than 500 homes and 72 water wells for clean drinking water.

“One out of every five children do not see their fifth birthday just because they do not have clean drinking water,” explained Mandani. 

The Our Aim Foundation is transforming lives and creating opportunity, but Mandani says there is still a lot more work to be done.    

LINK: For information on the Our Aim Foundation visit here.