Our Lady Food Pantry serving 300 families a week, entirely through volunteers

For more than two decades Our Lady of Guadalupe Food Pantry has been feeding families in Hillsborough County. Their incredible mission to help feed those in need is what's right with Tampa Bay.

On Saturday mornings, long lines form around Our Lady Food Pantry in Wimauma. 

"It will be this way to around 10 and then the lines will start getting down," Tom Bullaro, Our Lady Food Pantry director said. 

For 21 years, Guadalupe Mission Church has been feeding more than 300 families a week. 

"I don't have words for what these people do for us. It's amazing, And God bless them all," a recipient named Ana told FOX 13 News. 

Tom Bullaro and wife Anita say they are lifelong volunteers, and they have been co-directors at the food bank for 18 years. 

"I've been personally giving back to the community all my life," said Tom. "I volunteered a lot. So no matter, I volunteer firemen volunteer at the church all the time. So it gets it's in my blood just to give, just to get back."  

For volunteer Jim Heekin, it's a stark reminder of his childhood, growing up in New York. 

"When I was a kid, we got food. Payback, know what I am saying. Everything comes around," he said. 

Volunteers with the pantry say all are welcome. The non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers, is feat Tom is proud of. 

"If it wasn't for the volunteers and the people, community donating, we wouldn't be able to do this. So it's really great and really great," he said. 

The pantry gets its food from local food banks, grocery stores and even the U.S. government. If you would like to help, visit https://www.ourladyspantry.com.