Pandemic ornaments capture roller coaster that was 2020

Robert's Christmas Wonderland in Clearwater has been a go-to spot for finding those special Christmas tree trimmings.

It's a year-round operation, but they had to shut down because of the pandemic, just like almost everyone else.

"When COVID first happened, we closed the doors. We had the store all ready to go but we had to change everything. We decided to take it a step further and take that extra step and really make things spectacular in here," said store manager Dennis Wilkinson.

Customers were ready for some holiday cheer.

"When we finally opened those doors, it was a wave of people. They just wanted to see some happiness in their life again and it's been doing great ever since," said Wilkinson.

This year, Robert's added something new: ornaments reflecting the rollercoaster year that has been 2020.

"Binge-watching, riding bicycles, getting fresh air, even e-learning. DIY people doing their haircuts, knitting and crafting. We have families with COVID masks," Wilkinson said as he pointed out ornaments.

Mementos of quarantine life, like a toilet paper ornament and an online shopping ornament, are popular choices.

There are also ornaments representing some of the heroes of the year, such as healthcare workers.

"I think the nurse speaks to me because they give their whole self and it's very important during a pandemic," said customer Barbara Davis.

And there are reminders of who was most important.

"It's all about family this year. Especially with the virus and everything going on. Spending a lot of time with family at home," said customer Bobby Palmieri.

The ornaments are keepsakes of a year to remember, for better or worse, and hope for what's ahead.

"That the magic still stays, that the masks eventually go away, that the magic of Christmas still lives on in families and spread the love and cheer," said Wilkinson.