Paragon Music Center closing after 53 years

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Dick Rumore was born to play music, so it makes sense that he opened the Paragon Music Center on West Hillsborough Avenue in 1965.

But after more than 50 years of tunes and tones, Wednesday will be the final liquidation auction before the store closes its doors.

"Music in your life is the gift of a lifetime," Rumore said. "I was able to subsidize my income by playing music while I built the business."

For years, Rumore played the saxophone at night and worked in the store all day. Since the store's early days, he's seen generations come to the store for lessons, instruments, and gear.

"My parents bought me a drum set here probably weeks after he opened," said longtime friend and customer Basil Rodriguez.

Amazon has taken a bite out of brick and mortar businesses like Paragon, but customers say Amazon can't match the personal service.

Despite that, Rumore says he felt the pinch from online retail, plus he received an attractive offer for the real estate, so he's going back to where he started. He plans to spend more time playing music.

"I missed a big chunk of when I could have been playing," he said. "But I'm going to make up for it now."