Peacock-themed wedding cake leaves bride furious: ‘Lopsided turkey with leprosy'

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A bride-to-be was left devastated after she ordered a peacock-themed wedding cake that arrived looking like a "lopsided turkey with leprosy."

Rena Davis, from Georgia, had ordered her perfect wedding cake after showing the baker an image of a similar one she had found online.

The unusual design was supposed to feature two birds, a heart-shaped sponge and chocolate cupcakes.

But what arrived was in stark contrast, with the peacock's head falling off the "lopsided" cake.

Rena was utterly heartbroken, after forking out $300 for the cake a month before the big day.

And despite being reassured everything was "going to plan" in the weeks leading up to the wedding, the cake arrived the night before and was nothing like what the 52-year-old imagined.

Just as the baker drove away, the peacock's head reportedly fell off and Rena realized the fondant icing was actually buttercream.

Despite chasing for a refund, Rena claims she was initially refused, but after sharing her ordeal on social media, she received an envelope in her letterbox including $300 yesterday.

"I felt heartbroken. I saw [the cake] and walked out of the room," she explained.

"It was a lopsided mess - nothing like I thought it would be like.

"[Before yesterday], we'd heard nothing from her since. She had not called or anything.

"The only reason she gave a refund now was because of the viral post.

"She said she couldn't give me my money back at first because she had 50 hours in it and she had to pay her mom for helping."

Rena says after the baker dropped off the cake, she immediately text her asking for a refund.

Instead, the baker returned with "a box of Rice Crispies" to try and rebuild the bird.

According to Rena, the baker even admitted she had had problems with the fondant icing, resulting in her having to construct the peacock from buttercream.

"[The baker] had made a cake for my best friend one time. Since then, she had supposedly finished baking school in town," she said.

"First off we sent her a picture via text and she said she could make the cake.

"I called her and we agreed she would make the cake in a heart shape, and instead of one peacock she would make two.

"She came the night before the wedding. She set it up on the table and all the time, I'm looking at this cake, thinking 'really, are you serious?'

"I just walked out of the room. I had nothing else to say to her.

"Five minutes after she'd left, one of the peacocks' heads had fallen off. I text her and asked for my money back, but she said she'd think what she could do,” she said.

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