Police hope videos lead to missing grandmother

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New video police released of a missing Tampa grandmother shows her walking at Julian Lane Park without any sign of duress.

Deborah Saucier has been missing for two weeks.

Another piece of video places her at the Hard Rock on Jan. 8, 25 minutes before being seen on the park surveillance.

Saucier walked north on a pathway, then turned west alongside Laurel Street, away from the river.

"She is so non-threatening," said her daughter, Candice Larry. "She looks like somebody’s mom or grandmother."

Candice has searched the park on foot with her husband and scores of co-workers. For two weeks, Deborah has been without her medication for memory loss and breathing.

"Of course I would never give up," said Larry. "But now I just want to find a way to figure out how to get through each day like this."

Deborah's car was found at the park with her phone and wallet inside a week after the video was taken. Tampa Police issued a silver alert.

"She does not look disoriented or anything that is a telltale sign," said police department spokesperson Steve Hegarty. "She doesn't appear to be in distress, she doesn't appear to be stumbling, or have difficulty moving around."

Police want you to pay attention to her clothes, especially in the closer casino video. Where did she go? Was anyone ever with her?

"This is clearly an endangered situation," said Hegarty.

Police don't yet know what kind of danger, and neither does her daughter.

Candice knew her as one to visit the casino, but not the park.

"Especially when you are the only child, there is a tremendous amount of weight on me and sense of responsibility for her."

Anyone with information about Deborah Saucier's whereabouts is asked to call Tampa police at 813-231-6130.