Polk County jail nurse gave cell phone, 'love letters' to inmate, deputies say

A nurse working at the Polk County Jail was arrested after providing an inmate a cell phone, and writing him "love letters," deputies say.

On Thursday, Polk County deputies arrested 35-year-old Suzanne Gracia, who was a licensed practical nurse employed through Corizon Health. 

During a search of an inmate's cell, the phone was found on an inmate named Julio Ruiz on Monday. Deputies say Ruiz told them Gracia brought the phone into the jail. After examining the phone, deputies learned it was used by two other inmates, Fernando Olvera-Gonzalez and Simon Ramos.

Deputies say Olvera-Gonzalez showed them “love letters,” which he said were given to him by Gracia. The letters, written by someone named “Sue,” mentions that her husband is in prison and asked Olvera-Gonzalez to find her when he is released. She later admitted to writing the letters, deputies say, and giving the cell phone to Olvera-Gonzalez.

“A cell phone in the jail presents a security risk, and can ultimately place anyone in the jail in danger,” Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement. “As a nurse, she's supposed to provide care to the inmates, not phones. We're obviously none-to-pleased with her behavior.”

Gracia was arrested and faces charges of introduction of contraband and interfering with prisoners. She was employed by Corizon Health and worked at the Polk County Jail since November 2014, but was fired following her arrest.