Polls close, bringing relief to Bay Area voters

Voters waited in long lines Tuesday to make their voices heard in the mid-term election. Some residents said voting is easier now than in years past, and they definitely had to study up on the amendments and candidates this time around.

“I just sit down, take my time and look over the paper, over the form,” said Syntia Velez, a Pinellas County voter.

Among the decisions, there were 12 amendments to sort through on the ballot.

“[It was] a little confusing because there seemed to be one topic up top with a tag along on the bottom of it,” said Jae Heinberg, a Hillsborough County voter.

FOX 13’s Briona Arradondo heard from seasoned voters what they think about this election.

“I think our whole system is very contentious right now,” said Heinberg. “I think there’s a silent majority in the middle that are kind of tired of it all quite frankly.”

And they shared their take on the constant campaign ads.

“The one about the healthcare, that’s why I come and vote because I need my healthcare,” said Velez.

First-time voters chimed in too, including 18-year-old Leo Albury at a Hyde Park precinct. He shared what he thinks about younger people in Generation Z and millennials voting.

“I hope they know what they are voting for. And I feel like a lot of them are just riding the bandwagon of what their friends think. But if you are voting out there, you should inform yourself and know what you’re voting for because it does make a difference. Every vote counts,” said Albury, a Hillsborough County voter.

One thing in common that many voters shared was wanting unity as a nation.

“Have everybody get together, come together and stop the fighting and the war and the racism and everything like that,” said Velez.

Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections office said it added more voting booths in places where voting was busier.

At a Pinellas County precinct, elections office spokesperson Dustin Chase said they worked quickly to fix a problem with a machine jam earlier Tuesday morning.