Practice your DIY skills at Sarasota's Selby Library

To celebrate Library Week, a Sarasota library is offering DIY crafting labs for library-goers.

Kathy Pell and her crew are sewing thread catchers at the Selby Library in Sarasota. 

They are participating in the Creation Station program.

"Which is a lab sort of combines old technology and new technology to help introduce patrons new sorts of hobbies and ways of self-expression," said Librarian Laura Hampton.

The initiative started two years ago to spark creativity in do it yourself-ers.

"This is wonderful," said sewing participant Kathy Pell. "It's available to everybody. They have so many different things that you can do."

These Besty Ross's of stitchery love the laid back environment.

"Instead of being along doing the crafting by myself," said sewing student Janet Rodriguez. "I come out and meet new people."

Librarian Laura Hampton believes the program is helpful to library visitors.

"Libraries are here to guide people through information and put them in touch with new resources no matter what those resources are," Hampton said. 

"The goal of the program is to help let the public know about all the new things libraries have to offer," Laura said. "We have 3-D printing classes, we have introduction to sewing classes, we have open labs were people can come in and use our materials for their own personal projects."

It's creating a wave of creativity and change while teaching new technologies for the future.