Realtors: Political billboard is paying off

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A Wisconsin real estate company is taking advantage of this election cycle.  Landro Fox Cities Realty made headlines last week after they put up a billboard along Interstate 41 in Kaukauna with pictures of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and an offer to help sell your home -- if you're moving to Canada.

"They are going to get a lot of reactions out of that," one passing motorist offered.

"Oh really, wow, I really don't know quite how to react," another offered.

Now, the company says the response has been positive.

"I've heard more than a couple people joke about 'so-and-so gets elected, I'm moving to Canada.' And I've heard this in previous elections but because it became so prominent this time around, the idea for the billboard came to us," realtor Brandon Landro explained.

The spokesman for the company says a post about the billboard is not just reaching drivers.  It's also reached more than 12,000 people on Facebook.