Resentencing of convicted killer Adam "Rattlesnake" Davis further delayed

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One of the Bay Area’s most notorious murderers is getting a second chance to get off death row.

Adam "Rattlesnake" Davis was convicted of killing his girlfriend’s mother almost 20 years ago.

He was given the death penalty, but after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Florida’s death sentencing rules, Davis is one of many inmates asking for a second chance at life.

His resentencing is months away but during a status hearing Thursday, there was a setback that could further delay the process.

Davis was convicted in the 1998 plot he and his girlfriend, Valessa hatched to kill her mother, Vicki Robinson, by shooting bleach in her veins with a syringe.

When that didn’t work, Davis slashed her throat.

Vicki's body was found stuffed in a trashcan.

Valessa was convicted of third-degree murder and spent 13 years in jail. She was released in 2013.

After the 1999 trial, the jury sent Davis to death row, but their decision was not unanimous. That's the part of Florida's death penalty procedure the Supreme Court said was unconstitutional.

Davis will be resentenced due to that ruling, but in court Thursday his attorney, Rick Terrana told the judge he needs an extension.

Terrana said he was handed boxes of old evidence from the attorney who handled Davis' appeal.

"I went to pick them up. There were 17 boxes of transcripts, all kinds of court testimony," said Terrana.

The judge agreed Terrana should have more time to prepare for the resentencing and scheduled a new status hearing for April 25.