Residents in St. Pete mobile home park left waiting for storm water to drain

Some mobile home residents in St. Petersburg are still waiting for water to drain after heavy rain over the weekend flooded parts of their mobile home park. They said it has been a problem for years and said little has been done to fix it.

Photos taken Friday by resident Erin Roth show water up to car tires and completely covering some parts of the road inside the Twin City Mobile Home Park off Gandy Boulevard.

"It started to pour. It was high tide and the water has nowhere to go when it's high tide, so it builds up in here pretty quickly," Roth said.

Roth said it took hours before the water drained down to ankle length. Monday, some water still remained along the road. As Roth explained, there's only one drain for the park, and it sits at the end of the road. 

"They say that the two pipes that are sticking out of the ground are supposed to pull water in, but I have said numerous times that that's not what they do. They push water in, and they push the tide in," Roth said.

Roth has been calling Twin City for the last 13 years and said throughout her time living in the mobile home park, flooding has always been an ongoing issue.

"I'm just over listening to how it's the Goodwill's fault or Oh, it's the county's fault or Oh, it's this place," Roth said. "Why don't all three of you get together, sit down and figure it out."

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Roth said the park sits in a low-lying area with poor drainage that can’t keep up. She’s reached out to management multiples times about the problem but said she’s been told there’s little that can be done.

Late Monday, FOX 13 reached out to management about the problem but have not heard back. Roth said she would like to stay where she’s at but if the problem isn't fixed she's worried she may be forced to move.

"I would just like something to be figured out to lessen the amount of water," Roth said.