Reviews: Thriller reads hotter than Florida summer

Looking for a great thriller to heat up your summer reading list? Tampa Bay Business Journal and Instagram book influencer Ashely Kritzer joins us now with three thrills you need to read. 

First on the list is "My summer Darlings" by May Cobb. If you like soapy, "Real Housewives" type drama – this might be for you.

Three childhood friends still live in the same East Texas town where they grew up, and then a handsome newcomer moves in and drama unfolds from there. 

"This is a good popcorn thriller. If you're not someone who likes a lot of slasher action. There's a little bit of violence in this one, but nothing I don't think anyone can handle. So this is just such a great read, and it keeps you enthralled."

Next up is "The Lies I Tell" by Julie Clark. This one stars a journalist trying to out wit and uncover a con artist.

"As a reporter, that was also a key reason why I liked it. But Julie Clark's writing is just effortless. I read her thriller last year, "The Last Flight," and this one is very similar. It hooks you from the beginning, and it doesn't let up. It's simple, but it's such a satisfying book."

Finally, "The Last Housewife" which comes out in August.  

"This one is not for everyone," Ashley said. "It is what I would call a ‘pitch-black’ thriller and explores a lot of themes that can be disturbing to some readers."

A very pampered housewife living in Texas learns about a murder in her college town, and she reunites with one of her college classmates who is now a true crime podcaster to track down this murderer.

The protagonist has to confront her past in this town, which involved a very disturbing cult. 

"If you read the authors note on this one, she talks about some of the characters existing on a spectrum of misogyny. It's very dark. It has a very big picture message. It's a very important book, but it's definitely not for everyone." 

We want to note Ashley does get some books free from publishers but only for a fair and honest review.