Rick Wallenda to tightrope walk over Sundial

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Some would say the last name Wallenda is synonymous with "daredevil." The "Flying Wallenda" family has made headlines for years with their wire walks.

Next month, Tampa Bay residents will get to witness another one of their thrilling stunts.

Rick Wallenda, 61, is planning a skywalk over St. Petersburg's Sundial Courtyard on February 11, at 5 p.m.

Proceeds from the walk will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County.

Wallenda is preparing for the walk from the practice facility at his home in Sarasota.

"I've been training every day, right here, going back and forth on the wire. I practice my headstand, because I really want to do the headstand," said Wallenda.

He plans to do the walk from tower to tower over the shopping center without wearing a harness.

Wallenda, 61, is related to Nik Wallenda, who made headlines for crossing the Niagra Falls, the Grand Canyon and the Chicago River on a wire between two skyscrapers.

He said his family has been in the performance business for centuries.

"We just love doing this, and it's an exciting thing that we love to do," said Wallenda. "My grandfather said, 'Life is on the high wire. Everything else is waiting.'"

The Sundial is located at 153 2nd Ave. N. in St. Petersburg.