Riverview track and field club builds leaders

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Young athletes are running for a better future, doing positive things on and off and the race track. 

"Be a leader in the classroom," Jonathan Terry says to inspire his kids to be great.

Jonathan is the head coach of My Brother's Keeper, an all-boys track and field club in Riverview.

"To keep them off the street and to make sure they are doing something positive every day in their life," Jonathan said.

The goal is to give the boys life skills so that they can become community leaders.

"I'm hoping that this will take them to the next level, to teach them to be young men all the way to a man," Jonathan added.

Coach Terry started the club in 2015. This year they competed in the Junior Olympics and won 16 medals.

"It was pretty good," runner Dontae Morris, Jr. says. "I had a great experience."

The young athletes also do community service.

"It teaches them leadership it teaches them how to push beyond when they are ready to quit, how far can you go? How far can you push yourself to be that better man?" Jonathan said.

He's helping push young boys toward the finish line and a better future.

The boys are 7 to 14 years of age. Coach Terry is now starting a girl's club. If you would like more information visit www.mbktrackclub.com.