Running club helps young girls stay positive

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The expectations and pressures on girls can be different from boys, but a local program is helping them make strides.

It's an after school program called Girls on the Run. It's a running club for girls grades three through five. Along with running, they address some challenges that are unique to girls.  

"It definitely gives them more self esteem and it also provides them with tools to, kind of, build better relationships," Stacie Seal, who is with the program, explained.

Social media, television and peer pressure can have an impact on young girls, but this program helps them cut through the clutter and stay positive. 

"Girls On The Run is a really critical part of the program to help our girls know, understand and trust in their best self and be true to who they are", said director, Laura Moore.

Participants say the group's leadership makes the difference. 

"I feel like our coaches encourage us and really do change who we are when we come out of it", said participant Hannah Seibert.

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