Snake swimming in Gulf of Mexico brought to shore by canoeist

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A non-venomous snake was lucky to come across a canoeist as it swam far off the shore of Fort De Soto Park in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The snake swam along with the See Through Canoe before the boater plucked it from the water and took it back to dry land.

Canoeist Michael McCarthy said it's rare to see a snake swimming so far offshore and in salt water.

"It's really unusual to see a snake in salt water, other than a sea snake, so I was very surprised to find this snake swimming at Fort Desoto [Saturday]," McCarthy said. "In the direction he was going, land was a long way off, and when he saw the canoe he swam up to it so I picked him up and gave him a ride to shore."

McCarthy recorded video of the snake as it approached his boat and then during its ride to shore. McCarthy said the snake was "a very calm passenger" and didn't try to bite him.

"It doesn't really hurt when they bite you anyway. It feels like a little razor cut," McCarthy added.