Spookeasy Lounge haunted kava bar reopens in Ybor City

If you’re looking for a place to grab kava, botanical teas, coffee or a cocktail, there’s a spot in Ybor City serving it all in a new space – that many say is haunted.

After a year of being closed, Spookeasy Lounge is back open in a new location on 1909 15th Street, where The Loft used to be. It was previously located above the Stone Soup Company.

The gothic-themed bar is two stories. The second floor serves non-alcoholic beverages while the downstairs venue, called The Catacombs, serves alcoholic beverages. Food can be ordered on both levels. 

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Spookeasy Lounge opens in new Ybor City location

Spookeasy Lounge hosts themed nights throughout the week. They are currently in a soft opening and are planning a grand opening for Halloween.

To learn more, visit spookeasylounge.com.