St. Pete Pier will remain closed mornings of Aug. 24-25 for sculpture installation

The St. Pete Pier will not be open to the public on the mornings of August 24 and August 25 as workers will be permanently anchoring the massive net sculpture at the landmark.

From 4 a.m. to noon on both days, the Pier will be closed for safety reasons. Workers will be replacing a temporary anchoring system for the "Bending Arc" with a permanent one.

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The city announced the following: 

Monday, August 24th 4 a.m. to noon:
1. No public access to Pier during these hours.
2. Access to the Pelican lot and all service and delivery to the Pier Head,
Doc Ford's and Spa Beach Bistro will be closed.
3. Necessary employees (permit required) can park in the Dolphin lot and can
access the site via the north view edge (walk path only).

Tuesday, August 25th 4 a.m. to noon:
1. No public access to Pier during these hours.
2. Service and delivery vehicles to the Pier Head, Spa Beach Bistro and Doc
Ford's will be allowed.
3. Pelican lot and Dolphin lots are open for permitted vehicles only.

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The hanging rope sculpture cost $1.8 million, paid for by private donors. It weighs 5,000 pounds, stretches over 400 feet and hangs 72 feet high. Learn more about the sculpture from the artist here.

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