St. Pete woman born with heart condition recovering after COVID complications force amputations

It's been nearly a week since 20-year-old Claire Bridges' life was changed forever.  

Surgeons removed portions of both of her legs, below the knee after complications arose from her COVID-19 diagnosis.

Despite it all, she's been a "trooper" facing the unthinkable head-on. 

"She’s staying positive. They got to move her around a little bit," her father, Wayne Bridges said. "She said ‘This is awesome.’" 

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That kind of strength has helped ease an understandably heavy toll on the family, as has the support they've received.

Claire's story has gone global. A pair of fundraisers have also topped $100,000 to help them with living and medical expenses. 

"The more people are praying for her and supporting her the better," her father said.  

Claire was vaccinated. She was born with a heart condition that in part led to major complications after she got sick last month. 

Her recovery will be long with more surgeries still to come. 

"As much as she's faced, she's happy to be alive," Bridges said. "That’s the thing about Claire, she's very grateful," her dad said.