St. Pete woman shares healing power of art by turning easy-to-follow paint classes into a business

Dometrice Lassiter's home looks like a small art gallery. 

"These pieces actually hung in the U.S. Embassy in Turkey and so we're very excited about being able to invest and have these pieces," Lassiter shared.   

Her love affair with art started 29 years ago. 

"Art is an inspiration," she said. "It is a time for unification. Art has no gender. It has no color." 

Lassiter is so attracted to art, she decided to get into the business of helping others enjoy it too.  

"It is so universal that I look at art as a way of people being able to express themselves. So, it's a moving thing that happens within you when you love art," Lassiter explained.   

She opened up Painting with a Twist in St. Petersburg. It’s easy-to-follow painting classes for groups and individuals to spread the healing powers of art.  

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"People that can't paint but love art come into our studios and they can drink and they can paint and they can have fun, they can celebrate and they go home with a fantastic piece."  

An English major, Dometrice, originally taught language art and the power of the written word. Now she shares stories another way. 

"You can tell stories through reading books, and people can actually vision things beyond what they're reading and art is the same way." 

A way that brings people together to help them learn about the healing power of art.

LINK: Learn more about Painting with a Twist by visiting  


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