Study: More than 10,000 drivers in Florida passed a stopped school bus - in one day

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More than 10,000 Florida drivers passed a stopped school on the same day, according to a new survey released Thursday by the Florida Department of Education, which surveyed more than 9,000 school bus drivers.

"I couldn't take it," parent Monica Douglas said. "I just couldn't take it. It was outrageous."

Douglas started recording drivers passing her child's school and posting the videos to social media. As a result, law enforcement started ticketing drivers passing a stopped school bus in the same area.

"They should be in jail if they are going to keep it up," Neil Uber said. "They have no regard for the child."

The penalties for not stopping can vary from state to state. In Florida, not stopping can leave you paying up to $300 dollars in fines and receiving up to five points on your license.

In a single day in the Bay Area, the DOE survey recorded 362 drivers failing to stop in Hilllsborough County out the 176 bus drivers surveyed. In Pinellas County, 345 bus drivers were surveyed and recorded more than 600 drivers not stopping.

"Pay attention to the law and make sure our kids don't have you to blame for an accident," Pat Stasiano said.