SunPass continues billing Villages couple after license plate stolen, victim says

Kurt Crispin says someone stole his license plate when he parked his white Ford Expedition at a Doubletree Hotel in Miami while he and his wife were on a trip this past February. 

"The car had been parked in Miami in February for six or seven days. Someone had switched the license plate out, a license plate for their license plate, and they put it on their vehicle."

The Villages resident reported the plate stolen to both Sumter County deputies where he lives and Miami-Dade Police where the plate was stolen. He also got a new license plate for his Ford and thought that would be all. 

"Well suddenly SunPass is sending me nonpayment for use of their interstate. At first just a low-dollar amount and now it's up to $35-37," Crispin said.

He says he's tried reaching out to SunPass but so far can't provide the documents they need. You can clearly see from the SunPass camera that the white SUV with Crispin's plate is a different Expedition from his own. 

"So we know that somebody down there has the plate and the vehicle was not mine. I don't have a sunroof, and you can tell it's newer because of the rear tail-lights and the tailgate on the vehicle," Crispin said.

FOX 35 News reached out to SunPass on Crispin’s behalf. We made contact, and now they have staff working on it, but might not be able to get this resolved today. We also contacted Miami-Dade Police for a copy of the incident report on their letterhead, which would help clear this all up. The Miami-Dade police say they've put a rush on getting us the incident report. 

"It's difficult some mornings to understand when you get up here's another letter from SunPass saying you owe more money," Crispin said.

SunPass says they're not allowed to discuss specific cases and declined our request for an interview. Crispin says it took him a while to realize his plate was stolen. 

His tip for drivers: know your plate number.

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