Suspects in beating at Applebee's now in custody

Two men brutally beat another man inside an Applebee's on Cypress Gardens Boulevard early Tuesday morning.

 A surveillance camera was rolling as the two attacked the man for almost a full minute.

Witnesses say the victim misinterpreted playful banter between the two men and a female bartender they were familiar with.

Witnesses and the bartender say the victim started mouthing off to the men. When they confronted him, they say he grabbed a knife off the table. Witnesses say one of the two suspects then also brandished a knife.

After several more minutes of tense threats back and forth, the victim went to leave and was attacked by the men.

"It is concerning, the way they beat this individual. He was on the floor. He wasn't fighting back, based on what the video evidence has shown," Winter Haven Police Captain Mitch Meadows said Wednesday.

Despite the blows, the victim only suffered minor injuries.

The two suspects turned themselves in late this afternoon.

Daryon Jones and Eric Davis are now facing misdemeanor battery charges.