Tampa man with autism gets creative spark from eclectic witch collection

The faces of fanciful witches in colorful costumes are everywhere at Kevin Lewers’ home in West Tampa. He hand-selected and named each one. 

Kevin recently took FOX 13’s Lloyd Sowers on a tour of his home and introduced him to Esa, Veronica, Rosa, and Merry Weather. They are dolls that are dressed to the nines and smiling. Most of his witches look happy. 

Kevin, who is 30 years old and autistic, has been collecting witches for most of his life. His mother Sandra Lewers, has never loved witches, but she loves Kevin.

"You just have to take what comes and find the glory in and celebrate that," Sandra Lewers said. 

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So they celebrate. There’s a witch Kevin has named Marilyn Monroe. She is a skeleton striking a famous Marilyn pose.

A witch in Kevin's collection.

Kevin has more than 50 witches in his collection. 

Many of the witches have brooms, but one has a parachute. 

Kevin has more than 50 witches. Eulonia is named for a place he visited. Darlene is named after a personal friend. Kevin asked for her permission.

"She said she would be honored," he laughs. 

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A witch named Henrietta was his first. His grandmother gave it to him when he was just six years old. His other grandmother was a self-proclaimed "Welsh Witch," and also encouraged his collection. 

Kevin and one of his witches.

Kevin, who is 30 years old and autistic, has been collecting witches for most of his life. 

Sandra Lewers says his fascination with witches has sparked his mind and his creativity. Kevin’s younger sister is also autistic. Sandra says it’s been challenging. She says parenting autistic children requires extra patience and extra help.

"Faith, family, and friends, and without that, I don’t know where I’d be," Sandra Lewers stated.  

She doesn’t know where Kevin would be without the creative spark from the many witches in his magical collection.