Tampa potter transforms clay into everyday art

A ceramics artist in Town 'n' Country makes items for everyday use -- like coffee mugs, bowls and plates -- but she's not your everyday potter.

Sarah King owns and operates Pottery By SMB, which she operates out of her garage. She perfected the craft of clay through the ceramics program at the University of Central Florida.

She is so dedicated to throwing pottery that she has the chemical symbol for clay tattooed on her forearm.

“It was kind of a joke that we would all do it in college. And I’m the only one who actually went and did it,” she laughed.

Sarah’s work is inspired by lines and shapes and the interactions between them.

“I also really like interactions between the natural world and the manmade world,” she explained. “Like angular sidewalks right next to trees or grass.”

Each piece takes Sarah between two and three hours to complete.

“I like to spend that time to escape in my head, concentrate on doing these lines and painting these shapes,” she explained.

In addition to her website, Sarah displays Pottery by SMB on Instagram and Facebook.