Three-year-old locks dad out of iPad for 25,000,000 minutes

Photo credit: Twitter / @eosnos

A journalist in Washington D.C. was locked out of his iPad when his 3-year-old son tried to use it without the correct password.

But it gets worse. The lockout is due to last for almost half a century. 

Evan Osnos, who writes for The New Yorker magazine, shared his predicament on his Twitter page. His tweet included a screengrab of Osnos’ disabled iPad, which recommended he try accessing again in 25,536,442 minutes– or about 48.5 years.

“Uh, this looks fake but, alas, it’s our iPad today after 3-year-old tried (repeatedly) to unlock. Ideas?” Osnos wrote on Twitter.

According to Apple’s guidelines, users are advised to restore and update their settings through iTunes. However, any data that is not backed up will be lost.

One Twitter user joked the writer ought to reboot his 3-year-old, or try “time travel.” Others offered tips to try and solve the problem.