Tom Brady opens training center for athletes, ‘armchair quarterbacks’ in Tampa

Tom Brady has made another mark in Tampa, opening the area's first TB12 Performance and Recovery Center. 

Brady has played for 20 years in the NFL, collected six Lombardi Trophies, three MVPs, and is widely recognized as the GOAT.  So where does that longevity come from? In part, he credits his lifestyle and body-work better known as the TB12 method, created by Brady and long-time body coach, Alex Guerrero.

“In my experience, the better I’ve treated my body, the better I’ve eaten, the more hydrated I am, the better pliability treatments I get, the more sophisticated my workouts have been, the better my body's performed,” Brady recently said. 

Bryan Hart is the head body coach at the newly opened location.  It’s open to anyone from athletes to “armchair quarterbacks” who want to learn and train using the same methods as Brady himself. 

“You’ve heard pliability and what that means is that the state of the muscles should be long soft and relax do their job at 100 percent,” Hart said. 

Along with one-on-one sessions, you’ll find all sorts of TB12 products and merchandise inside.  It’s the first location of its kind in the Tampa area.  It’s on North Armenia Avenue, just minutes from Brady’s new home turf. 

“What we're doing is trying to make sure people get healthy, stay healthy and do the things they love as long as possible,” Hart said. 

INFO: For more information on the new facility, call 813-442-6015